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Step 4: database / email info v2.09
we are almost done. now you need to provide an email address to which the form data will be sent when someone fill it out. you will also be required to provide the url of a thank you page. you can also have the form data inserted into a file based database system that will be created by the program automatically. this is a great feature for those without access to a mySQL database since it provides the same functionality. furthermore, you can also have the form data inserted into a mySQL database table. if you choose to do so, then you will be required to provide database connection information, and other bits of information. once that is done, please make sure that the forms directory (and everything in it) has read+write access. you can achieve this by issuing the following command on linux/unix:
chmod -R 777 forms

Form name:
Email form data to:
Redirect user to thank you page: http://
OR Generate thank you page (includes displaying of filled data from the form):

Choose template:
Create data file (file based database):

Insert data to MySQL database table?

yes no

If you chose yes, please enter your MySQL database access information:

Create new table?

yes no

If you chose yes, please enter a name for the table to be created:
table name:

If you chose no, please provide the name of the table to be used, and the columns to enter each of the following fields. (Please note that this table you enter, and its columns must already exist). If you chose to create a new table, you still need to provide column names to be created. The suggested column names have been filled out, but you can change them:
table name:

Form Field

Table column

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